Welcome to The WikiBorgs!Edit

It is I, Dr. Psyrus Borgosian! Welcome to my personal PsyBorgs database! Feel free to peruse through my meticulously organized zip discs that detail each PsyBorg, TOXIN baddie, and everything in between!

A brief introduction...Edit

The future, 2004. The malicious General Blight and the insidious forces of T.O.X.I.N. have moved beyond selling cigarettes to kids, and set their sights on total galactic domination. Unfortunately for Blight and his rogue’s gallery of evil miscreants, the PsyBorgs are still kicking evil’s butt! Armed with incredible cybernetic implants and tremendous psychic abilities, John Carbon and his team of super-powered super soldiers are ready to take down whatever bad guys General Blight sends their way.

Latest activityEdit

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