History Edit

"Full! Puma! Power!" ― Rolling Thunder

Overview Edit

Sammy Tampa grew up in the narrows of Championopolis with only one desire: to burn rubber. She did just that when she was recruited out of elementary school to join the Championopolis Demolition Derby League. For 15 years, life was good for Sam – that is, until her younger sister, Doreen, fell ill with a very rare eye disease called “Purple Iris Sensation Syndrome”. To come up with the money for Doreen’s extensive surgeries and medication, Sam gave up her reign in the derby to make fast cash doing deliveries for T.O.X.I.N. Sam paid no mind to the dirty doings of General Blight and his cronies, until the day came where she saved enough scratch to save her sister’s eyes.

On the eve of her T.O.X.I.N. retirement, Blight gifted her with a fatal severance package: a double dose of laser blasts to the face. Blight left Sam for dead in the forest south of Championopolis, but the majestic pumas of the forest took pity on her, calling on the help of the Greek god Zeus to bring her back to life while entrusting her with their mysterious Puma Powers. She was then transformed into Rolling Thunder, the fastest and most furious PsyBorg of them all. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Puma Powers
    • "Call of the Puma"
    • "Puma Pounce"
  • Hot Lightning Flashes

Abilities Edit

  • Black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Expert marksmanship
  • World-class driver and mechanic

Weaknesses Edit

  • Severe road rage
  • Favourite film is Hudson Hawk (1991)
  • Small talk

Equipment Edit

  • The Thunder Van

Weapons Edit

  • Laser Gatling gun
  • Duel blasters
  • Bowie knife