History Edit

"I'm a bad boy and I love breaking all the rules!" ― General Marcus Blight

Overview Edit

General Blight’s story began as a fall from grace. After years of increasing disillusionment as Montreal detective Jacques Le Roq (in the robbery-homicide division), he couldn’t resist the sweet allure of a life of crime. After leaving the force, he joined up with the Front de libération du Québec for a spell, where he soon caught the ire of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. When Trudeau finally cracked down on the FLQ, Le Roq faked his own death and assumed the identity of Marcus Blight. Soon after, he recruited some of the remnants of the Front into his new terrorist organization, T.O.X.I.N. – a group of ruthless mercenaries that trade violence for cash.

However, he got more than he bargained for when he crossed paths with John Carbon and the PsyBorgs, and a feud for the ages was born. He started T.O.X.I.N. with the idea that he’d get kids hooked on cigarettes, but recently he’s set his sights on a much larger target: total world domination. 

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • N/A

Abilities Edit

  • Extensive weapons training
  • Photographic memory

Weaknesses Edit

  • No depth perception
  • The PsyBorgs

Equipment Edit

  • Nuclear armaments
  • Dynamite
  • Eyepatch

Weapons Edit

  • Laser blaster
  • Neutronium katana