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"We're the PsyBorgs, a team of awesome super heroes with incredible psychic powers!" ― John Carbon

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In the 1980’s, experimental brain surgeon and micro-biotic engineer wunderkind Dr. Psyrus Borgosian began developing new psychic applications with the Government of Canada under the covert CIA project MKULTRA. But his research in cybernetic enhancements used to augment and supercharge psychic abilities was permanently shuttered when the mysterious Iridium Comet entered our Solar System in August of 1991. The sun’s rays reflected off the comet’s surface, giving 75% of Earth’s population powerful telekinetic powers - with devastating results. These new abilities sent the world into a year-long war as those with telekinetic powers sought to conquer those without. It was only through the efforts of the Commonwealth Resistance Coalition – a group of countries sworn to protect the non-telekinetics – that saved the world from complete destruction. After the passing of the comet, the majority of the telekinetic population lost their abilities...

In 1995, an officer of the Championopolis Police Department was gunned down in an ambush as he investigated an anonymous tip at a top-secret government facility. Before his attackers could silence him permanently, his innate psychic abilities awoke within him, saving his life with a burst of psychic energy. In desperation, Dr. Borgosian implanted his experimental cybernetic enhancements into the dying officer’s brain, stabilizing the powerful psychic waves still emanating from the man’s mind. That officer’s name was John Carbon, and he became the first PsyBorg. 

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